Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Damara's Travels in Sycamore Springs

My little cheetah, Damara De Wildt, has been having the time of her life exploring in and around Sycamore springs this past month!

You can read the full version of her adventures in their correct order here:

Thank you Courtney and Miss Bibbit for being such awesome hosts and kicking this adventure off to an AMAZING start!!!

From the very first story, you have captured our imaginations and gave us so much to wonder about...Your photos are enchanting and I can almost believe that Sycamore springs with all of its wonderful inhabitants is real! (Plus, they have tuxedo cat cookies there, how awesome is that!? :D )

I am looking forward to seeing all of the other amazing places that our dear little kitten is yet to visit too and will keep this post up to date with links to all of Damara's stories, photos and special moments. :D

This week has also marked the first week of me going back to work like a normal person... O_O
No more working from home for me, but I can foresee a lot more Sylvanian spending-money in the near future too...
Unfortunately this means that all of my plans for my website for this week have been moved to the weekend - luckily our weekend plans are cancelled too, because I have a  lot of catching up to do in the tutorial sections!

PS. - If you want to make your very own Cheetah family, stay tuned - I am working on the tutorial a little every night and will have it up and running again soon with lots more photos!


  1. Yay! Damara is so cute! I want to customize figures, too. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the tutorial, I love your customized figures :)

  3. I read the first story and I am so impressed by your pictures, your custom figures and the incredible house décor! What a fantastic job! I think I'll go back and admire the pictures again ^_^

  4. It will be so fun seeing how you make the cheetahs, Sands! Hope your first week back at work won't be too stressful! I'm ready to mail my package to you whenever you are ready. Talk to you soon! xo Jennifer

  5. Will you ever show us your lemurs? I had the same idea of making lemurs, but I don't think I will anymore.