Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sylvanian Sweets Store Review

Back in 2012, I saw a review on another collector's blog about the Sylvanian Families Sweet Store. The little pieces were just so cute and I couldn't resist adding this item to my ever expanding wish list.

I finally gave in today and got myself a little sweets store to add to Rooibosch Hill. ~ Space is getting limited, so I need to buy buildings very carefully these days!~

Initially I though that this set might have been a little bit of a waste since I already have the village sweets cart and the cake counter, but after opening it up and seeing all of the little bits and pieces, I definitely think that there is space in Rooibosch Hill for another sweet treats shop!

The shop itself is quite tiny and is much smaller than Madeline's boutique, the only other small shop that I own at this stage. The pink and cream color scheme is super cute and makes me think of a little old-fashioned sweets store. The floor is brown with little "tiles" that contrast very well with the rest of the inside of the shop, but the best part is the roof. Yip, the roof! This shop's roof looks like a little sun roof and it looks so cute if you have lights shining through. It provides more than enough light inside to play and is the cutest touch ever!

Inside, there are two little shelves attached to the walls and you have a loose display counter to put all of the sweets and treats on.

The stickers were easy to stick: One outside on the shaped notice board, two inside the shop, one on the bottom of the counter and two on either side of the window. These stickers are quite cute and are printed to resemble sweets in stained glass. They are also printed in such a way so that the colors correspond if you turn the shop around and look from the outside in, just like real stained glass would be!

This shop has three plates to display the treats on, and you get little printed paper doilies to put under the cakes. You also get two boxes of sweets and two take-away / carry boxes to transport the cakes in that you have to press out and assemble. I have to admit that these are a little drawback for me. The boxes are not made of cardboard as usual, but rather from a thick-ish paper, which make them difficult to assemble and use. It took me forever to get them right and I still need to go over them with some glue to keep them in place, since they keep unfolding themselves.

The sweets and treats are lovely though! i would call this more of a cake shop than a sweets shop, since you really only have three lollipops and a box of chocolates for sweets, but lots of little cakes.

You get three assorted folded waffle treat thingies, three of the cutest cupcakes EVER and five assorted iced biscuits. I love the bunny biscuit and the cupcakes are so special, very different from the cupcakes in other Sylvanian sets.

Display counter.

The plates added...

And the doilies...

Some sweet treats...

And the folded boxes. Done!

All in all I think this is a great set and I love all of the little bits! It has a different feel than the more formal cake counter and is also a far cry from the village sweets cart (That actually sells sweets!). I can see this set as the place where kids would get together after school to spend their pocket-money on cakes to share with their friends, or where grandma would take the grand-kids to spoil them on their visits.

I can already see that this cake shop is going to be a firm favorite hangout spot in Rooibosch Hill from now on.


  1. Thank you very much for this review! :) The cake/sweets shop is very cute and after your review I think my little village should also have on. No one can ever have enough sweets :D

    1. Thank you, as soon as I finish Sunday lunch with the family, I will post a few photos. :D I am just too excited about "playing" with it right now but I can't yet... :P I just had to share my excitement with someone.

  2. I'm so glad you got the set! It is a great addition to any village, in my mind - I agree the sun-roof is the cutest part :-D
    What is your favourite accessory? Mine has to be the adorable cupcakes and the little paper doilies - so cute!

    1. Thanks, I am still excited about this set. :D Life got in the way and I had to take some time off for family-related things, but I am glad to finally have added the photos...
      My favorite little piece is the cupcake cookie, so very cute!