Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Relatives are Coming!

It has been quite some time since I last had a moment to post on my blog. I guess life has just been a little difficult this past year and I have not had much time to enjoy my little critters as much as I would like to! 

I have decided to take some photos for a story that I have written a while back. (Or re-take the photos, as the originals were not to my liking!) The story was supposed to have been done by Valentine's day, but there simply was not enough time to edit all of the photos in time. This story is also the first of a trilogy for the Billabongs (You guessed it, the other two have also been written for quite some time...) and I am glad to announce that I am about half way through taking the photos for the next installment. I have set myself a goal to complete the other two parts before the end of March, so I am hoping that I will be able to stick to that timeline!

As for the photos of this story, they were taken with my brand new LED lights that hubby installed in my photo/crafting area. They are "cool white" and wreaked some havoc with my colours, so I added a reading lamp (which had almost yellow light!) and that made things a little better (worse)... I am still undecided! 

I really hope that you will enjoy seeing a day in the lives of my lovely little Billabong Koalas!


  1. Just about to read the story - very excited to see the Billabongs!

  2. Clive is so adorable - I want to give him a hug. Your story had me awing and chuckling a lot. Loved the photos of the babies with food on their faces, Clive blushing (Awww) and finally when Rolf's "little Eucalyptus leaf" returns home.

  3. Just recently found your website. My granddaughter is into Calico Critters and of course, the typical grandparent that I am, I had to find out all about them. She and I play with them each time she comes to my house(they are only at my house which makes it exciting each time she comes. This past Saturday, I created robes and dresses for the critters and we got out an old castle I had and they played as "royals would". Queen Kanga and Lady Rabbit were all the rage. Well , enough about us, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog and website. We are going to try the Cheetah project and are very excited. I also wanted you to know I have polycystic ovary syndrome and have faced all the problems you are dealing with. Hang in there and continue blogging....Nandy(which is what my grandchildren call me) from Alabama, United States.

  4. Hi, I'm a journalist for VICE and I'm writing an article about Sylvanian Families. I was wondering if you'd be up for speaking to me briefly? I'm on sirin.kale@vice.com, look forward to hearing from you, thanks

  5. I've been trying to comment on your story for several days and finally figured out how :) I loved the photos soooo much with the little touches of how breakfast usually progresses with a young family. Thanks so much for all the time and thought you put into sharing your hobby. Sometimes it's hard, especially with ill health, to maintain interest but I would not have met you if you'd stopped "Sylvanianing" - so, thank you because you are actually helping me cope with rather awful health too.