Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sylvanian Snow Day!

We don't have snow in South Africa. :(

Well, let me re-phrase that... We don't have snow in most areas of South Africa.

I have seen snow in the distance on the Drakensberg before, but I have never seen snow up close before. (Not real snow anyways)

We do, however, have heat here... LOTS of heat and it isn't strange to have a 40 degree (Celsius) day in summertime - which is most of the year, since we only have a few days of autumn and a few days of spring around here.
The rest of the time, it is summer, summer or winter. (Oh and did I forget to add summer?)

My poor polar critters are finding it pretty hard to survive in this heat due to the extended summers and total lack of snow! So, I have decided to remedy that for them even for just a little bit.

So, in the 38 degree heat, I made it snow in Rooibosch Hill... ;-)

It has been an idea that I have been playing with for a very long time, but it just never worked out for me. Fake snow is really expensive and I couldn't get my critters to stand / sit still on the quilting fleece stuff from the fabric shop! So, it has never snowed in Rooibosch before due to my lack of imagination...

But today was the day! I picked up a bag of white sugar from the grocery store and tipped the lot out onto a tray, collected my camera and some arctic critters and happily snapped away. The results were much better than I anticipated and overall I think the photos came out pretty well.
The critters enjoyed their snow day and even my little terror had some laughs watching is crazy mother play in a really big pile of sugar! (2,5kg of Huletts pure white sugar to be precise!)

Now it is time to clean this mess up... O_o

You can all probably guess what everyone is getting for Christmas presents this year, huh?
Say it with me - Sugar Scrubs!!!

Little Dolly Polarstar does not look too happy with this sudden cold weather...
Perhaps a ride on the sled will cheer Dolly up?
At least the rest of the family seemed to enjoy the snowball fight!

The polar bears couldn't have all the fun, so the De Burgh penguin family decided to join in too...
These critters are quite tricky to photograph, since they don't really "do" much and they are in reality nearly stark naked... O_o

♫ ♪ ~ Do you wanna build a snowman... Uh... Iglooo? ~ ♪ ♫

Penguins, penguins everywhere!


  1. Hi Sands, Great photos! Your mini scenes are wonderful! The makers of SF should be buying these photos from you for their promotional marketing! xo Jennifer

  2. Thank you very much! These photos were SO much fun to make and I finally managed to take a photo of my penguins! Yay! :D

  3. Oh wow your winter scenes are postcard-worthy beautiful! I love the snow you have created! It's really amazing! You should consider putting your images for sale for cards etc. Your penguins look really happy :D We don't have snow in Texas either... well one year we did but it melted in a few hours.

    1. I would really love that, I can imagine taking Sylvanian photos for a living. :D That would be awesome!!!

  4. Hopefully this time my comment will be saved, I tried it 3 times :D.
    I LOVE those photos! They really zranspirted me in a winter wonder land! And I'm glad your little arctic and antartic critters could finally find a cozy cold place to live :)

    1. Whoops, I mean "transported"

    2. Hmmm... seems like I am having trouble with Blogspot these past few days too... I have lost a whole post! :(
      I am glad that you liked the photos, and don't worry about the typing error - I have to re-read everything I write a hundred times over for the same reason and still end up with errors!!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Adorable photos! Baby bear Dolly looks so cozy and cute on that sled. Just came across your blog from the forum and I love it!! I feel a bit chilly though after reading this post, maybe it's time to break out my hot cocoa mugs!! By the way, did you make any of those clothes on your sylvanians (the red coat, scarves?) they are sooo cute!

  6. Very cool and really adorable! Great work!

  7. I can't believe how good sugar looks as snow :D Very imaginitive of you Santie! I'm impressed that you have something to do with all that sugar after the photo session. At least your cute penguins had some snowy days.