Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Timbertop bear family

The past two weeks of my life have been a roller-coaster ride that I don't want to repeat any time soon. Since it never seems to rain, but always rather pours in my life, my husband had to go in for another operation to his leg. This meant that we would both have to take time off from work and our four year old son had to spend some time visiting his granny-nanny again. After spending all of my Sylvanian savings on a surprise box of Lego to keep the little chap occupied and hopefully in some small way make up for the inevitable parental neglect that he would be facing while his father got his share of Mommy's attention, the big day finally came and went without incident.

I am very thankful that we had yet another successful operation and that my family is now all back under one roof where they should be. :D

But, since things have been so busy, I have not had much time for my Sylvanians recently and I really started to miss them! I kept occupied by reading blogs from some of my dear Sylvanian collector friends, but it just isn't the same as holding and cuddling your own critters.

Luckily I had a little time to spend with my critters this weekend, after my mother was so kind as to go to the post office to collect some international parcels for me. (twice I must add, since the first time my parcel containing my Slydales was "misplaced"...)

The first parcel contained my Japanese Slydale fox parents from the 80's. They are in good shape, but need some fashion advice and will soon be joining my village.

The second parcel, contained my Timbertop bear grandparents! Meet grandfather Guss and grandmother Fern Timbertop.

I honestly have not yet had time to take proper photos of them, since the study is looking a lot like a tornado hit at the moment, but that will be sorted out soon! I am planning on spending at least an hour every day for the next two weeks taking photos and uploading them to my website as soon as I conquer the gremlins who have taken up residence in my study...

I really love these two figures so much, and I must admit that after seeing grandmother Fern in the Sylvanian Families stop  motion DVD (the one narrated by Bernard Cribbins), I just had to add her to my collection.

I was surprised to see how well these critters have held up over the years and their flocking is still in excellent condition with no real fading that I can see. They are missing their glasses, but grandfather Guss even has his walking stick, which I just adore! When compared to my celebration Timbertop family, the grandparents are only a slight shade lighter - as they should be, since they are getting a little grey.

One problem that I do have with my celebration family, however, is that they have all formed light spots on their fur. This photo was taken just after I received them in October 2012. The light spots were barely visible back then and didn't really bother me much. 

This is a more recent photo that I did a few weeks back with proper lighting and a nicer background. The light spots are clearly visible now, but they don't seem to spread, so I am not really worried. I bought the family from BeHappy in Malaysia and the items that I receive from them always seem to be a bit stuffy when they arrive. My best guess is that the spots might be due to mold growing on them while they were stored. 

Spots or no spots, I love this family very much and I think the overly large bear parents are just too cute! 
I also think that the whole Timbertop family is very glad to finally be complete. 

Lots of love, hugs and Sylvanians.


  1. Hi Santie
    I am very sorry to hear about your roller-coaster month, but glad that everything has turned out alright for you.
    I can't wait to see your original Syldale parents.You will make an excellent stylist, I'm sure :D
    Your Timbertop family is too cute (looking very happy to be together again)! Don't worry, the light spots are barely noticable. I hadn't thought of them before you pointed it out :)
    Can't wait to read your next post,
    MW :D

    1. Thanks Mia! I have learned to love my Timbertops with their strange spots. :D I even have a set of Babblebrooks from the same seller who have little brown spots on them. I have been without internet this whole weekend and have to post from my phone which I find way too tricky. :D But, at least it gives me some time to let my next project dry before posting the photos!

  2. So happy for you! I love Fern's lovely lace scarf, and her green dress really suits her!

    1. Thanks Aranera. I love how the outfits on the Timbertop grandparents match so well together.