Sunday, 18 May 2014

Stories and photos...

This past weekend, I finally had some time for myself. (Yaay!) So, I spent a little time editing some photos for a new story. Some of these photos were already taken beforehand, but as I was adding frames and watermarks to them, I noticed my little one playing with his farm animals on the floor behind me. Then an idea struck me.

As luck would have it, his little farm items scaled really well with my Sylvanian critters! So, I took some extra photos, using some of my little terror's toys. I also managed to wrinkle my painted background when an unexpected gust of wind blew the curtain over my beautiful little farm scene and caused mass chaos. I don't have the patience to fix this in Photoshop, but if it really starts to bother me, I might try to touch it up a bit. 

The extra toys used, are from the "My Animal Farm" series, distributed by DeAgostini. I collected the whole set of books and toys for him during 2013, and boy am I glad that I did! 

I think I should play with my son's toys more often... :)

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  1. What a sweet story! Your photos and sets are fantastic! I'm so glad I discovered your blog--this is too fun! xo Jennifer